Over 3 Decades of Experience, Established in 1992
Expertise in developing high-reliability Hybrid Micro Circuit (HMC) products based on thick film technology. Over two decades of heritage in designing and manufacturing hybrids for highly complex applications (including the Mars and Lunar Missions) and automotive applications.
Every satellite built in India has our Hybrid Micro Circuit.
Two decades of experience in providing highly complex Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to Aerospace and
Defence Industries.
Indigenised high reliable voltage regulators for automotive application. One-third of Indian cars incorporate our voltage regulators. Supplying for more than 2 decades with near-zero field failure rate throughout.

Almost every spacecraft built by ISRO, most of the aircrafts manufactured by HAL, and every third four-wheeler manufactured in India incorporates a KHMD-designed and manufactured microelectronics product or KHMD-assembled functional units.